Traveling Abroad This Christmas

Have you already planned your Christmas 2010? You have to because Christmas is one of the most festive occasions all over the planet, for it symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. As the big day getting nearer, people from different countries are starting to plan where and what to undertake during the season. And given that Christmas indicates love and peace, the most ideal Christmas gifts to give your self or to your children, as your way to show your love is through traveling.

Travel abroad and make sure not to let your trip in vain; while you are visiting to other place get satisfied to learn their culture and tradition, or else, study English abroad. It simply means that you are not enjoying for typical vacation activities alone, but as well as gaining knowledge. Imagine yourself to study English abroad, at the same time, cherishing the moments of Christmas because there’s nothing merrier than to blend both until early next year.

If America is one of your destination choices, take a look at their most hilarious Christmas traditions story, this is about the Christmas stocking tradition wherein people always hang a stocking during the Christmas season. Read the following story to learn why:

According to its tale, there was a kindhearted nobleman who hopelessly lived due to his beloved wife’s death and stupidly wasted all his fortune. Because of the situation, his three young daughters were left without any gifts and live their lives unattached to anyone.

One time, the generous Saint Nicholas heard the girls’ troubles, so he lay out to help by riding his white horse to the nobleman’s house and threw 3 small bags of gold coins down the chimney where the young women hung their stockings and accidentally captured Saint Nicholas’ gifts.

Did you find the story interesting? This is how the said tradition began, which is until Christmas 2010 celebration, the children in United States of America still believe to put their stockings, small bags, or any other that is given the shape of a sock on the chimney wishing that Saint Nicholas or famously known as Santa Claus will drop by on their house through the passage down the chimney and fill their stockings with lots of different goodies.

It is not all countries believed on this Christmas stocking tradition, so if this tradition is out of your country and you want to experience merriment like this, select particularly the United States of America whereas you study English abroad for a guaranteed achievement.

Travel Clinics To Seek Health Protection When Traveling Abroad

In order to have a safe and healthy overseas travel, a lot of prior preparation is needed. If you are traveling to countries where pandemics are rampant, you should seek services of a good travel clinic to provide you with necessary vaccinations. It can make your travel hassle free.

A travel clinic provides vital information about the diseases that you may acquire while traveling abroad. It aims to equip you with the knowledge that you require to protect yourself from variety of disease and the measures to be undertaken if you fall in during the course of your travel.

With the increasing incidences of inflictions of pandemic in various parts of world, every trip out of country exposes you to risks of acquiring various diseases. These risks may vary depending upon the age of person, health status, mode of travel, destination, duration of stay, purpose of travel, and type of accommodation. Proper observation for certain precautions and taking right medications and vaccines can prevent falling prey of various sicknesses.

The basic threats that might affect your health while traveling are; motion sickness, jet lag, heatstroke, traveler’s diarrhea, altitude-related illness, malaria, and yellow fever. While malaria inflictions can be attained during travel to Africa, South America, and Far East, yellow fever inflictions are common in areas of Africa and South America.

The ideal time to visit clinic is four to six weeks prior to your trip as the vaccines and medicines that are meant to be administered need to be taken well in advance. In few cases, when a trip is planned on a short notice, you should not ignore the importance and efficacy of visiting your nearest clinic to get the necessary vaccines and medications.

A travel clinic may provide you with general tips on environmental safety, motion sickness, jet lag, and problems with air travel. Specific tips may be required for pregnant woman, newborns, infants, children, elderly, handicapped, and the people who suffer from chronic illnesses or cardiac diseases.

The health professionals at these clinics may advise you on how to put together the travel health kit and the appropriate medicines that might be useful in case of any emergency treatment. The professionals at these clinics stay updated and provide you vital information on the diseases that you might encounter at your travel to different destinations.

You can even seek the services of a travel clinic after your travel in case of any post-travel illnesses. If you wish to travel abroad, it is important to visit your travel clinic to seek vital information to ensure safe traveling for your and your family.

Mexico Destinations For Medical Travel Abroad

Thousands of health travelers cross the southern border each year for a wide variety of medical procedures. They are able to take full advantage of the excellent quality of care that Mexico medical travel provides, while also enjoying the discounts that come with traveling abroad for various procedures. Yet only the savviest health travelers realize that there are some medical travel destinations that have specialties, and may offer more specific discounts. With the proper research, health travelers can discover the best location within the country for weight loss surgery in Mexico, or any other procedure.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Although health travelers will find that almost all medical travel destinations offer weight loss surgery, Mexico surgeons tend to recommend Tijuana for this particular type of procedure. The hospitals in Tijuana are very good and many of them have been built with an emphasis on providing for clients from out of the country. Most hospitals providing weight loss surgery in Mexico here are also very well equipped, allowing patients to have access to everything they might need during the surgery and recovery.

One additional strong point of hospitals in Tijuana is the emphasis they tend to place on value and care of the health traveler. Most hospitals there tend to give quotes upfront for weight loss surgery in Mexico and avoid adding extra charges if possible. In addition, good local hospitals will offer accommodations for one guest to accompany the patient during his or her medical travel. If the health traveler picks a good hospital, it is very likely that he or she will be able to have the guest stay within the building. Tijuana is also interesting for those who want to explore a city and have fun before their actual procedure. There are many classic attractions to see, including bull fighting and more. Shopping, sightseeing and annual special events all draw visitors to the city and often, surgery is just an added benefit.

Mexico Medical Travel Destinations

Although Tijuana is certainly notable for weight loss surgery, it is also a very prominent location for many other types of procedures. The quality of hospital in the area is generally excellent, making it a very compelling place for anyone seeking good care at reasonable prices. However, there are also other locations that draw people for Mexico medical travel. Other than Tijuana, the most popular cities are Mexicali, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta.

Travel To Mexicali

Mexicali is most notable for the completeness of services available there. More than most other Mexico medical travel destinations, Mexicali offers the ability to go from a general practitioner’s office to a specialist without leaving the city. There is an incredibly wide variety of health practices operating there, including facilities providing weight loss surgery in Mexico and more. There are a large number of hospitals and offices in Mexicali, offering both public and private health care.

In addition, Mexicali offers a unique cultural attraction: Chinesca, or Mexicali’s Chinatown. Many travelers enjoy arriving in Mexicali several days before their scheduled procedures to visit this rare enclave of Chinese culture within another country, providing an amazing contrast between American Chinatowns and those abroad.

Specialized Care In Monterrey

Monterrey is remarkable for its close proximity to southern Texas. It is only a 90-minute flight out of Dallas, making it easy to reach for anyone within the greater Texas area. There are hospitals here offering the full complement of services for medical travel, and the city features some of the best-equipped hospitals in the area. Monterrey tends to be a place where medical technology is updated quickly, and the surgeons and nurses train frequently to ensure that they are always up to date.

Monterrey is also a major business center, leading it to develop as a major cultural center as well. There are many attractions here that draw medical travelers, including museums, theatres, restaurants and more. Museums can be a great choice for anyone expected to undergo a stressful surgery, as visiting them does not generally place large amounts of stress on the body.

A Vacation And Surgery In Puerto Vallarta

Mexico medical travelers often choose to combine a procedure with a restful getaway in Puerto Vallarta. This location was originally known only as a getaway spot, and for many Americans that is what it remains. The city is absolutely beautiful, located on the coast with plenty of beach and sun to go around. There are many wonderful resorts that cater to a variety of tastes, from the exclusive to the family.

Because of the potential to combine treatment with a vacation, Puerto Vallarta tends to offer cosmetic surgery more than weight loss surgery. However, there are excellent hospitals for most any procedure in the immediate Puerto Vallarta area. Cosmetic surgery is simply one of the most convenient because it has some of the fastest healing times with the highest mobility, allowing vacationers to enjoy themselves more. In fact, many individuals who have cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta are able to be up and walking around the city’s famous Malecon boardwalk within a few days, enjoying the sunshine and vacationing. Even those who are less mobile can enjoy the local art galleries and other less stressful attractions.

Choosing The Right Location

Although each city has its specialty, if health travelers choose wisely, they are not likely to encounter substandard hospitals or unskilled practitioners, no matter where they go for their procedure. For many, the most important feature determining where they go for Mexico medical travel will be which location is most convenient to their US residence. With weight loss surgery available throughout the country, it is usually easy to pair each individual with a hospital in a convenient location.

Traveling Abroad With A Baby In Tow

Often times, there can be nothing more frustrating for a parent than to have to travel overseas with a screaming, crying baby. You have to deal with them on airplanes, drag them through customs at airports, and hold them while you try and check in at hotels. However, there are a few tips parents can think about if they are planning on traveling with an infant. You will need your passport to travel overseas. Also, a passport for babies is now required for infants traveling internationally with their parents. This is done to prevent child abductions.

New Requirements

In the past, it was not a requirement for infants to have to possess a United States passport for international travel. However, due to the recent phenomenon of child abductions taking place all over the world, it is now a law that babies traveling with their parents must have a valid passport. Fortunately, getting your baby a passport is a relatively simple procedure that, if you follow the correct instructions, will take very little time to process. You will have to obtain the proper forms and fill them out. Then you will need to show authorities the correct documentation to prove that your child is, in fact, a United States citizen. This is the easy part compared with the actual travel you will have to do with your baby.

How To Choose An Airline

You should think about, when selecting an airline, if they offer any special amenities for passengers traveling with small infants. Some airlines will allow people with an infant priority boarding which can be very beneficial. That way you can get settled and make sure the baby is comfortable, instead of standing in a long line waiting to be seated with a crying baby. Flight attendants are also, usually, very helpful to parents traveling with young children.

Young Children

Thankfully, if you have a child that is under the age of two they are permitted to sit in your lap during the duration of the flight. This will let you avoid having to haul a cumbersome car-seat through the airport for your baby to sit in on the plane. Another good idea is the hands free, baby carrier that parents can employ when making their way through a crowded airport.

Infant Luggage

Another cool thing you can do for your child while traveling is to allow them to have their own luggage. Children love nothing more than to imitate their parents, and by allowing them to roll their own suitcases through an airport it will make them feel more grown up. This is also a good idea because if they get tired of pulling it, you can perch them atop the rolling luggage and use it as a stroller. Plus, you will have extra luggage if you need to put anything else in it while you are traveling.

Staying Organized

Organization is the most critical thing for parents to worry about when traveling abroad with a baby in tow. This will allow you to remain stress free when handling all of the obstacles that come with international travel. By keeping all of your baby items together you will be able to quickly access them should you need to.

Being Prepared For Your Travel Abroad is Better Than Being Miserable or Worse

Great trips abroad are mostly due to good planning and great preparation. If you have any aspirations to ever travel abroad even if it’s just a day trip to Mexico then apply for your passport today. It can take up to six months to receive it depending on the season, summer travelers can cause things to slow down, and on the political climate. Presently, a passport will be required for Americans returning from Mexico so just go ahead and apply today.

Next, go to Center for Disease Control and find out what inoculations you will need for your trip. Always, ere on the side of being conservative and get more than you need. Be sure and get your routine vaccinations’ boosters updated for diphtheria, polio and tetanus. If you have never had pneumonia inoculation does so as well. Before leaving the country for any where including a weekend to Mexico get these travel vaccinations hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid and yellow fever if you are going to Africa. Some other vaccinations to consider depending on how far off the beaten path you plan to take your adventure rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. Prophylaxis to consider for malaria change on a yearly basis so be sure and get the current one for the country and area that you will be traveling in. A gamma-globulin shot to boost your immune system 48 hours before departing is a good foundation along with a daily multivitamin and vitamin C for staying healthy on any trip however short. If you are going to rough it and stay in two star or lower accommodations get a Typhoid inoculation. Leave copies of your itinerary and passport data page with your emergency contact. Also, leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page and visas with family and friends, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency. The more copies you left behind the more likely that you will be found when needed.

Next and foremost, register with the State Department so they can better assist you in an emergency. Email your travel plans to the State Department through a freeonlineservice. This will help them contact you when needed. Others will not be able to contact you very easily. The State Department has local staff that can get you the message. If you can afford it a multiband cell phone is a good investment to have for emergency contact but only use in case of a true emergency as the cost per minute can be as high as $15 depending on the country.

Check your overseas medical insurance coverage: Ask your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas, and if it covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. If it does not, consider supplemental insurance. If it is more than you want to pay then wait and buy local health insurance upon arriving. Have a credit card that can be used to pay for the at least the deductible and if need be the entire medical bill for up to $25,000. Some insurance companies will only reimburse your overseas medical expenses. Educate yourself about local conditions, laws and traditions. While in a foreign country, you are subject to its laws and ignorance of the law is not an excuse in anybody’s country. The State Department web site has useful safety and other information about other countries.

Be careful to avoid being a target of criminals. Do not wear conspicuous clothing, hats or jewelry and do not carry excessive amounts of money. What you do carry spread around your body in front pockets, top of your socks etc… Also, do not leave unattended luggage in public areas and never ever accept packages from anyone Act like you know where you are going and what you are doing even if you are lost and clueless. People that swivel neck and gawk are tourists/sheep that the wolves will devour so don’t be sheep, be a sheepdog. Good posture with your chin up sends a sign of confidence that makes you less likely of a target.

5 Tips for Planning Travel Abroad

When you are traveling abroad you will undoubtedly find yourself dealing with a large number of companies that you are unfamiliar with, and whose policies and procedures are different from what you are used to.

One of your objectives when traveling abroad should be to minimize the opportunities for screw ups that might jeapordize your enjoyment and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you were counting on.

Here are some tips for when you are planning your next trip abroad.

1. Whenever possible, deal with people and businesses you know

Buying a cut rate vacation package from a company you have never dealt with before may seem smart at the time. But if you have no experience with the company, you really have no guarantee that everything promised in your travel package will actually come off as expected.

Talk to friends and relatives about travel companies they have dealt with. Look for reviews on the internet. Deal with companies who have been around for a while and are members of professional associations such as the American Society of Travel Agents, the National Tour Association or the United States Tour Operators Association.

2. Start planning well in advance

If you are planning a major vacation abroad start researching at least a year or two in advance. Search the internet for information about your destination. There are many travel sites devoted to providing information about special air flights, hotel rates, local customs, and things to see and do in the country you are planning to visit.

Hook up with one or two companies or travel agents that sound promising. Ask them for information, or ask to be put on their mailing list. Talk with them occasionally and follow their promotions. This will give you an idea of the type of service they provide and the costs involved. It will also help you to learn the vocabulary and give you a better idea of the proper questions to ask.

3. Be wary of telemarketers with travel deals

Telemarketers and vacation resellers are in the business of selling surplus travel and accommodation for other companies. They want to make the sale, and beyond that are not interested in your satisfaction, or whether you actually get the product you bargained for. Be aware that they have no responsibility to you after the sale has been made, and it might be difficult to get exactly what you thought you were getting from the company that is actually providing the service.

Many resellers will use ads in the newspaper or on the internet, or will send unsolicited faxes that offer cut rate vacations. Without some background on the company offering these “deals” you have no way of knowing if they are legitimate. The fact is the “deals” often contain hidden costs or they may require you to attend a sales presentation to qualify for the discount.

Certain practices used by these companies are dead giveaways that there is something fishy about their service. For instance don’t deal with a company that wants to send a courier for your payment or asks you to send money by overnight delivery. Even giving your credit card information to such a company is very risky. So the best policy is not to deal with companies you don’t know or don’t have good reason to trust.

4. Don’t pay until you have verified details of your travel package

One important advantage of dealing with a travel agent or tour operator that you know and trust is that they can make most arrangements without full payment from you. This allows you to withhold a substantial part of your payment until you see the complete details of your trip. If your agent is booking flights, hotels or cruises for you they should be able to provide, in writing, a complete itinerary with names, addresses and telephone numbers so you can verify the bookings. Your agent or tour operator should also provide complete cancellation and refund policies.

If you deal with cut rate tour resellers it may be difficult to get these details, and you will probably be required to pay the full cost in advance. Nine times out of ten they will say “We need full payment to hold your spot and guarantee these low prices.” But once you have given them your payment you have very little leverage. If it turns out that you are not satisfied with some of the arrangements they will simply say “You get what you pay for.”

5. Never give out your credit card information on the phone to strangers

Most people who think paying online is risky are only too happy to give out their credit card information on the telephone to individuals they know nothing about. It is true that there are safety mechanisms built into the credit card system. But it is also true that someone who has your credit card information can do serious damage to you in a very short time. And even if you can eventually straighten out the mess, you will have been seriously inconvenienced in the meantime.

The general rule is that you should not give out credit card information to companies you are not familiar with. This means that if you are buying travel services from someone on the other end of your telephone you should not be prepared to pay by credit card.

Of course that presents a problem, since the alternative would be to send a check or money order, and they may not be prepared to wait a few days to receive it. That is good enough reason to look for a different service provider.

Mind Your Manners When Traveling Abroad Part 1: They Must be Americans

It was a hot day, so when the couple finished a morning stint at the beach, they opted for a little shopping – in their swim wear. Wrapping a see-through, flimsy scarf around her bikini bottom, and he in his flip flops and sloganed t-shirt, they sallied into a sheik little shop on the main thoroughfare. Onlookers gasped and stared. Mothers covered the eyes of their gawking children. Mature men and women snickered or shook their heads. “They must be Americans”, one salesclerk whispered knowingly to another. Unfortunately, she was right.

When traveling, whether for business, pleasure or vacation, it pays to mind your manners. Americans especially are becoming increasingly known for their disrespectful behavior while abroad. Did I say becoming? The image of the “Ugly American” is already far too widespread. The stereotype of the loud talking, wise-cracking, inappropriately dressed, wealth-flaunting American foreigners who flaunt their lifestyle while traveling is unfortunately, all too real in some aspects in far too many cases. With anti-American sentiments growing worldwide, international corporations from Microsoft to McDonald’s and business publications like the Wall Street Journal have addressed the theme time and again. Here is some advice on how to foster a better, more intelligent, educated and respectful image when you travel abroad.

Know the local geography

Planning a trip abroad? First order of business – get a map and study it. Have an idea of how the city and its environs are laid out. Know important sites and landmarks. Many good travel guides provide essential information on getting around. This can be especially important if the local language uses a non-western alphabet writing system. On a recent trip in Colombia my wife and I listened in amusement as a foreigner explained to his family the compass directions – incorrectly. He had the directions of north and south reversed despite having the Pacific Ocean sunset in plain view.

Dress moderately

Not enough can be said about paying attention to local dress code and customs. In many countries it is disrespectful for women to dress casually, showing bare skin or body parts, in public. Bare hairy chests or legs on display, even for men, can be considered offensive in many cultures. If you’re not sure what’s appropriate, ask discretely or check informative websites for information on local customs. A useable rule of thumb is no bare legs, torso, back or arms when in public places. Emulate the dress of the locals to be sure you’re being respectful of their cultural norms. Embera Indian women, normally topless in their culture, cover up with a colorful wrap when they visit non-Indian towns and villages along South America’s Pacific Coast so that they are respectful of the social norms of their neighbors. Embera men, with their normal thong loin cloths, wear T-shirts and pants outside their villages for the same reasons.

Watch what and how you speak

Your speech is reflective of who and what you are. It can be a useful tool for the melding of cultures or a battering ram of discontent. Don’t create resentment by continuous babbling about your “affluence”, power, business or social status. People don’t care to hear how “inferior” their way of life may appear to be to you.

In part 2 of this three-part series, we’ll look at what to say and how to say it when traveling abroad in: “Mind Your Manners When Traveling: Religion is Taboo, Politics are Out”.

Please feel free to e-mail me with comments or questions at: [email protected]

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Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling Abroad

Travelling is undoubtedly the most fun experience in everyone’s life. Nothing beats the joy and fun of packing your bags and gearing up to go to a new place and getting to witness a whole new surrounding. It’s not just about the mesmerizing scenic beauty but getting to see a whole new culture, tasting new dishes and understanding the intriguing customs of the place. Interacting with the local also adds to the charm of seeing and exploring new places. It helps you learn a lot of new things about yourself that you were previously unaware of and helps you push boundaries. Travelling abroad is a vastly different experience as you get to visit a different nation and feel the vibrancy and culture of that place. Going abroad for the first time is something that everyone looks forward too and it is a lot of fun, though there are certain things that one must keep in mind and be careful about while planning a trip abroad:

Learn the basic Do’s and don’t’s of the culture:
Every place has a different culture and way of living and it is important that one gets acquainted with the basic rules and pattern that is followed in a foreign Place. A lot of things deemed acceptable by us may be frowned upon in a different culture. Also, it is important that one pays the necessary respect to the traditions of the place. This would not only help you to avoid a lot of mistakes that can turn your experience sour but also help you form a cordial relationship with the locals. Take interest in their way of life and try learning as much as you can, as it would add to your knowledge and help befriend a lot of interesting people.

Adhere to your own safety and be careful of your belongings:
Whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, one cannot overlook this important aspect that safety is crucial. One needs to be aware of how safe the place that they are visiting is and this knowledge is far more necessary if you are a woman or travelling with female companions. Watching the news is a good way to know the crime rate of the place and do your own research to know which place is safer and which needs to be avoided. Also be aware of your belongings and make sure they are safe.Keep necessary documents with you at all time to avoid creating unnecessary problems.

Familiarise yourself with the local cuisines:
You wouldn’t want your trip abroad to be spoiled by stomach infections or any other gastric problem which is why it is important to know what the local cuisines are and which are the best places to try out local food. Eating street food may not be the best idea for many and it is also advisable to carry any medication that you may need.

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Why You Should Try To Work And Travel Abroad

Do you want to see the world? However, if you do not have the money to finance your trip what would you do? Why not try to work and travel abroad so you can finance your trip. Of course you would be expecting to work for months to even more than a year because of your job contract.

There are so many benefits that you can get out of working in another country. Let us talk about these one by one.

One good reason is for higher income. While it is not a guarantee that every job that you can get will be paying you good money, but the majority is and you will just have to look for all the good offers.

But maybe your main problem first would be where to look for these jobs abroad. You can begin right in your own place. Go online and search for jobs in another country that are also being offered to foreigners. There are websites that specialize on this service. For instance, if you want to go to Japan and work as a ski instructor then look for a website that is providing this service. From recruitment to getting you settled in your new job.

Now let us go back to a benefit that you will get when you work and travel abroad and that is you will have a better perspective of the world particularly of different cultures including the traditions of different races. Because this will widen your understanding of why people are different, of why they follow certain decisions as a group or as a nation, and also the many misunderstandings that other nationalities have for them.

It will also be your chance to be more independent, not that you can not do it in your own country but since you will be in unfamiliar territory all the the more that you will be feeling your independence. You will learn how to live on your own and also how you can take care of at least all of your basic needs.

You will also learn how to live and work with other people especially since they are of another background or nationality. Certainly there will be differences that you will have to be careful to understand so that you will not be hurting anyone’s feelings even if you do not mean it. It therefore takes much responsibility on your part to learn these differences and to prepare yourself for specific situations where your actions or words will be judged.

And finally, this is more for practical reason, you will be improving your resume by the time you will have to go back home. It will be a great addition to your work background to have an experience living and working with other people. This is especially important if you were able to work abroad in a field or position that is in line with your current career.

These are the typical reasons why it is a good thing for most people to experience to work and travel abroad. When an opportunity comes your way to work in another country, think about it as it will surely affect your life.

Advance Parole: Preventing Immigration Problems From Travelling Abroad

There are many ways to slip up during the immigration process. A person can file many documents and submit pages of evidence only to have their accepted filing rejected because they have abandoned it. This problem often arises when an alien leaves the country to go back home for an extended period of time. This article will discuss how certain types of aliens can preserve their status or pending applications, while travelling abroad.

What is Advance Parole?

Advance Parole (AP) is essentially permission which allows certain aliens to re-enter the US without a visa after traveling abroad. Aliens apply for AP before leaving the US and therefore should be planned in advance. If AP was not received prior to traveling abroad, the alien may not be permitted to re-enter the US upon their return without holding some type of visa.

What does Advance Parole Do?

The Advance Parole serves two functions. First, it allows an alien to re-enter the U.S. after traveling abroad without needing a visa to enter the US. Secondly, it preserves the alien’s pending I-485, Adjustment of Status, or certain protected status that the alien has filed. Likewise, if an alien has a pending I-485, Adjustment of Status, and then enters the US without AP (but instead with another visa), that pending I-485 or a protected status can be construed as abandoned. For example, an alien with a pending I-485 Adjustment of Status who leaves the U.S. and then re-enters on a non-immigrant visa such as F-1 will generally be considered to have abandoned his I-485. There is one exception to this rule regarding H-1 and L-1 holders.

How Does the Process Work?

For most cases, an interview will not be required for the Advance Parole application. USCIS mail the AP directly to the applicant or to their attorney after reviewing and approving the application. It has become increasingly common to interview however because of recently heightened security precautions.

Who Can Apply for Advance Parole?

Not all aliens may apply for Advance Parole. The following alien classes can apply however if they have:

– have a pending adjustment of status application;

– been admitted as a refugee or have been granted asylum;

– been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program;

– been granted Temporary Protected Status;

– have a pending asylum application; or

– have a personal emergency or bona fide reason to travel temporarily abroad.

Aliens in the US are not eligible for Advance Parole if they are:

– in the US without a valid immigration status;

– an exchange alien subject to the foreign residence requirement;

– the beneficiary of a private bill; or

– under removal proceedings.

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